This blocked out nicely..   This one will be a gift.  I’ll be making one for myself but only using 1 skein.  I found that because I’m short, one skein will make a large enough shawl for me because the yarn blocks out and stretches quites nicely.  


Some of the other people in this KAL are finished or almost finished with their projects. I’ll be posting pics of the shawls soon.


I decided to make the shawl just a little shorter than I am tall because I knew it would stretch when blocking..   I completed the 24 row chart, then did my 6 rows of seed stitch and cast off. 

I washed it this morning using Citrilux shampoo which is a product sold for dogs.  I use it instead on my garments made of natural fibers because it has citrus oil, eucalyptus, pennyroyal and a bunch of other natural ingredients which deter bugs without stripping the fiber of natural oils.  And it leaves a light citrus smell.  

I rinsed and rolled the shawl in a thick towel squeezing out all the excess moisture and then blocked the shawl and pinned it down on my guest bed.   I squeezed so much moisture out of my garments that it doesn’t damage the bed at all, but I really need to buy a proper board for blocking, if for no other reason than to not have to measure as I blocked.    

I blocked it to about 72 x 26 inches knowing that when released it will be slightly smaller. Because this yarn stretches nicely, I really could have made it a little shorter and still had enough to wrap around myself.

I’ll post of photos of the finished shawl in a few days.   Meanwhile, here is a photo of the blocked shawl… I used a gazillion pins in order to prevent points … Along with a blocking board, I need to invest in blocking wires.  I’m interested in any recommendations on blocking wires and boards. 



I haven’t been able to work on my shawl as much as I’d like to.  Sometimes I go days without picking it up, but most days I work on it for a little bit in the evening, after 8pm.  Unfortunately, some days by the time I put dogs out at 9pm and get them settled down, I’m ready to turn in.  Those days when I could get up at sunrise and still be wide awake late in the evening are long gone.

Here is my progress so far.  It will lay flatter and be a little larger when washed and gently blocked (no pinning needed).  It is almost the same length as the cushion its on, which is 30 inches and I still haven’t finished the first skein of yarn.  I was going for at least 60 inches long and 24 wide and from the looks of this, I’ll get the size I want.  


Today was supposed to be the day we’d start on their shawls … but all the yarn has been delivered and several people have already started their shawls. 

Here is a photo of Sandy’s progress as of today.  I took this photo at the center where the knitting group meets.  I believe Sandy is using a synthetic yarn for her project and it’s coming along very nicely.

  Sandy scarf

She is way ahead of me, so I’d better get busy. 

I’m sorting the yarn, winding them into center pull balls and putting bands on them.  Some have already been picked up, the rest will be delivered on Monday or Friday or popped into the mail soon. 

When I worked row 13 the first time, I thought there was a pattern error.  I corrected it and continued knitting.. then while working row 23, I figured out what the problem was.   Even though the stitch counts in the sections remain the same, they get shifted to the left or right  on these rows. 

In other words, the pattern requires you to move your stitch markers over 1 stitch on rows 13 & 23. 

Normally, a pattern would state that it will change on a particular row when this happens,  or it will show it on the chart, but for some reason, this pattern did not.  

I have a trick for moving stitch markers to the right without taking them off the needles to do so. I’ll be happy to demonstrate this next time we meet.  

Please leave a comment if you have a question, I’d behappy to answer it here and it may help someone else with a problem.  Although you are asked to entire your email, I’m the only one who sees it.    

Happy Kniting!

Here is my progress so far, about 5 inches long. 

Eve’s wrap

To make a larger shawl than in the pattern,  I cast on enough stitches to do 6 repeats of the 12 stitch section.  I wanted a seed stitch border instead of a garter stitch border. 

This is what I ended up with: 

3 stitches at each side edge = 6

6 repeats of 12 = 72

7 & 8 stitch sections at ends = 15


Total stitches cast on  93

I did 6 rows of seed stitch for the bottom edge.  Then I did the 3 stitches in seed stitch,  the pattern according to the graph, then 3 stitches in seed stitch.. that’s it!

Using size 6 needles my shawl is about 24 inches wide without stretching, just the size I was going for.  After washing and blocking (drying flat, no pinning needed), it may  be a bit wider and the stitches will lay flatter.   

Ok.. so we aren’t quite ready yet.  

I’ve gone ahead and started my shawl while I wait for the yarn order to arrive.   I’ll post notes as I knit.   

This is the pattern I am using… but with modifications. 

Or look for the Princess Wrap on page 3 of the free pattern section.

I will be adding photos of the pattern and yarn I’ll be using for this project.